Cavi-Lipo Massage/ Weight Loss & Cellulite Treatment

Cavi Lipo-Massage Benefits:

  • Tissue Massage
  • Activates / Promotes blood circulation
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Assists with body contouring
  • Improves and tones your skin
  • Far Infrared walk-in Sauna (included)

This noninvasive body contouring sessions target fat cells through ultrasonic cavitation. Your body will be estimulated to loose excess fat and water weight (inches and/or pounds).

By using high tech machines to liquify the (fat) cellulite dimples under your skin. You will achieve smoother and even out skin complexion, reduce the hip saddle bags. This session includes a body contouring massage in the desired area to be improved. This will also improve blood circulation and detoxification.